Real Energy Done Differently

What Makes us different


R.E.D.D. was a simple idea, brewed from a backpack essential on a college campus in Maine. Alden Blease carried around a basketball-sized ball of dough to classes and extracurriculars, breaking off pieces throughout the day to satisfy hunger and maintain energy levels. A clean, plant-based, nutritional protein was appealing to fellow hungry classmates, so Blease transformed the ingredients into a bar format. R.E.D.D. was born in 2016 and gained quick popularity, reaching 1,000 stores in just three years.


In early 2022, R.E.D.D. and LesserEvil found commonality in their mission to source high-quality, clean ingredients; avoid heavy and excessive processing; and implement sustainable approaches to create delicious and functional foods. Finding the good in every category explored, these two companies are combining their resources to expand on better-for-you foods for all.