5 Cutting Edge Wellness Practices to Start Now

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Hi There! My name is Michele Bolona. I’m a wellness Influencer and one half of the pairing of @fitforfoodies on Instagram. We are not your typical Influencers though, we only focus on doing things to our bodies that provide maximum effect while keeping bodily stress down. Don’t get me wrong I like a HIIT class every now and then to test my limits with my agility, but keeping inflammation down is my main focus.

Closing out 2018 there have been many new developments and strides in the wellness space, whether it be in nutrition or this new phenomenon known as biohacking. I have had the honor of trying out many of these new technologies and reversing damage to my body through nutrition by incorporating the following new (or maybe not so new) wellness practices:


E-Stim or Electric Stimulation

The premise of E-stim is to create a forced muscle contraction which helps speed up recovery for muscle soreness or even pain within the body. Besides the physical therapy approach there are quite a few fitness studios popping up that offer E-stim workouts. Based on the intensity of the shock (that is all up to you) a 30 minute session is equivalent to 3 hours of strength training in the gym.

I personally have noticed the difference in my body after doing this twice a week for eight weeks consistently. My mind and body is stronger, my muscles pop, and my agility is triple what it used to be. When I first started I could do 6 perfect push ups without compromising my form. Now I can do 20 perfect push ups. The shock basically acts as resistance while you’re working out with the suit on and you’re fighting against that resistance consistently throughout the workout. NOVA Fitness and 432 House are my go-tos for e-stim in the city. 


Fermented Foods

Although this is nothing new, cultures have been eating products like kimchi, miso, and yogurt for ages; there are new developments about the effectiveness of these foods on your microbiome (buzz word of the year!) Not only does having fermented foods every day assist in better gut health, but it reduces inflammation within the body, is heart healthy, and gives your immune system a boost. Pro tip: I keep a bag of sauerkraut in the office to snack on. It’s not exactly my desk neighbor’s highlight of the day due to the smell, but it helps balance your gut and may be worth the temporary contention in the office.


ARX Training

The ARX machine is a workout device that is computer controlled and provides you with a motorized resistance for your body to compete against. The premise of the machine is for you to combat the resistance of the machine to speed up burn out of the muscles in an efficient period. The machine is low impact so does not cause wear and tear to your joints and increases your strength in a short time period.

The best part about it (if you’re a nerd like me) is that the machine logs all of your information so you can check your data and stack it against the previous workouts to see how much your strength has gone up over time. ARX and (infrared!) can both be found at HACKD Fitness.


The rise of Nootropics

What are nootropics you may ask? Nootropics are supplements either in the superfood or adaptogen families that promote brain boosting powers, mental clarity and focus. I typically take nootropics when I need an energy boost and I feel its impact almost instantly.

My nootropic of choice in l’theanine which can be found in matcha tea or a gum called Neurogum. Other popular nootropics you may have heard of are ashwagandha, which is a powerful ayurvedic superfood powder that also helps relieve stress and anxiety. Ginkgo Biloba can also be classified as a superfood which was a popular supplement to take back in the day, it recently made a resurgence with the rise of superfood powders. These powders are super easy to take! You can mix a few of them together and place them in your tea or coffee, put them in smoothies or disguise them in your baking. I love putting them in my brownies (GF of course!)


Infrared Light Therapy

Red light therapy may be one of the newest discoveries of 2018. It’s a bit controversial because there is a divide in opinions, however when I’ve used it I feel instant benefit in relieving muscle soreness or joint pain. Red light therapy comes in a few different forms. The most commonly known one would be the infrared saunas where you sit in a dry sauna that has red lights beaming down on you. You can burn up to 1,000 calories in one hour and it claims to completely detoxify your body. I head to RēCOVER NYC for my sessions.

The newest version of this therapy is the free form light panels that you can buy for the home. They are not meant to stay on for extended periods of time, just to stand in front of for 10 minutes. The benefits of doing this are to boost collagen production in your skin so the anti-aging properties are innumerable. The light also boosts your ATP production (adenosine triphosphate) which provides energy to your muscles and the cells within your body which enhances healthy cellular function. Red light therapy also repairs sun damaged or acne damaged skin, fades scars, reduces wrinkles and stretch marks.


If you have any further questions or want to follow our journey as we try out more health-conscious devices and nutrition claims give us a follow on Instagram @Fitforfoodies. Have you tried any of these wellness practices? Let us know your experiences and recommendations for places to try them in the comments below!


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