Alden Creates the First Redd Bar

Alden’s College Days from Redd on Vimeo.

Born out of necessity.

When Alden Blease created the first Redd bar, he wasn’t trying to create an innovative food startup, he was just broke after running out of his college meal plan.

Created for functionality.

As you know, most cheap food is bad for your health. Even as a college student, Alden wasn’t willing to compromise on his nutrition. He turned to creating his own superfood concoction to get the most nutritional bang-for-the-buck.

OPTIMIZED for taste.

After scouring the Whole Foods bulk food section for superfoods, nuts and seeds he blended them together to create a high-density, but weird-flavored food. Over the next year, he refined the product to have the great taste and texture that Redd has become known for.