Naomi Mederos Profile Picture

Naomi Mederos Talks Life as an Entrepreneur, Dietetic Student and Vegan

It’s impossible not to get pulled in by 21 year old Naomi Mederos’ Instagram. Gorgeously staged food shots are paired with an uplifting tone and recipes that are simple to recreate. Mederos’ playful profile photo and big smile belie the grit and determination that drive her ability to successfully balance a rapidly growing food blogging… Read more »

Matt Millimann searches for waves in Maine

Matt Millemann Talks Surfing, Redd Energy Bars, and Homesteading

Maine is the inspirational background that launched Redd bar. We’re never short of people and places in our home state who simultaneously humble and inspire us. Matt Millemann is one such person.   Matt balances working on his blueberry farm with competitive surfing. He relies on clean protein sources for a quick recovery after catching… Read more »

Top 3 Podcasts to Help You Win and Keep Winning

Understanding how our minds and bodies work allows us to achieve exponential returns. In pursuit of this knowledge, we’ve adopted the habit of listening to podcasts during work out sessions and daily commutes. These three podcasts to help you win have taught us invaluable lessons. Tune in for cutting edge info about fitness, nutrition, creativity, psychology,… Read more »

Silence is good for your brain

When was the last time you sat in silence? In the car we listen to the radio. Then we turn on the TV as soon as we walk through the door. Most people I see running (even in nature) put headphones in and listen to music. We live in a world where our brains are… Read more »


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