Yerba Mate for Hackers | Superfood Energy Protein Bar

The Superfood with an Unusual Cult Following

Why German Hackers, South American Intellectuals, Rave Bunnies and Redd are all looking to this superfood for energy In Berlin around 2011, a group of young developers sat around the offices of Soundcloud frantically calling beverage suppliers. They were desperate to get their hands on a Yerba Mate based soda that had become the single… Read more »

R.e.d.d. = Energy

R.e.d.d. = Energy ⚡️ 35mg Natural Caffeine from YerbaMate, 11 Superfoods, and 9g Protein. #AllKillerNoFiller

More Fresh R.e.d.d. Sneak Peaks

Chocolate, Peanut Butter, Oatmeal. Which will you choose? 2 Words: Peanut. Butter. #Addicted Peanut Butter and Chocolate Stack. Ready to Snack. #AllKillerNoFiller.   R.e.d.d. Seal Hmmm, Decisions, Decisions. Maybe all 3?

Costa Rica Prep

Packed and Ready. R.e.d.d. Costa Rica Surf Trip Fuel ⚡️


U Are Alive.   Today, you will be Strong and Brave.   R.e.d.d. Zone   Eye on You.   Ready For Anything.   Music is Good For You.   Follow us on Instagram: @enjoyredd

Be Free

Let Love Lead the Way. Save the Music! Be Free. Point of View. R.e.d.d. Takeover!

Happy Spring!

Dear R.e.d.d. Family, Happy Spring (still snowing here in New England)! Sincerely, R.e.d.d. Pre-order New Flavors today here at

Fresh R.e.d.d. Glimpses

Here are a few glimpses at our new Bars. We are looking forward to sharing with you! R.e.d.d. Oatmeal R.e.d.d. Peanut Butter + R.e.d.d. Chocolate + R.e.d.d. Oatmeal R.e.d.d. Chocolate + Peanut Butter Stack

Expo West 2016

Greetings R.e.d.d. People, We would like to introduce you to our 3 new flavors: Peanut Butter, Chocolate, and Oatmeal. Join us today and tomorrow in Booth H800 at Expo West in Anaheim, California to say hi and give them a try! We want to know what makes you strong and brave? See you there! Ready. Set.… Read more »

Rock On!

Rock On! Good Morning City Streets. #NYC Click. Click.