we're hiring brand ambassadors

We’re Hiring!

  Extroverts wanted! We are a team of do-ers, energy seekers, openers, closers, late-night revelers, raconteurs and carousers at large. Are you? Our brand ambassadors are part-time Redd team members. You will be the face of the brand at various field marketing events including in-store sampling demos and community events. If you are looking to… Read more »

R.e.d.d. = Energy

R.e.d.d. = Energy ⚡️ 35mg Natural Caffeine from YerbaMate, 11 Superfoods, and 9g Protein. #AllKillerNoFiller

More Fresh R.e.d.d. Sneak Peaks

Chocolate, Peanut Butter, Oatmeal. Which will you choose? 2 Words: Peanut. Butter. #Addicted Peanut Butter and Chocolate Stack. Ready to Snack. #AllKillerNoFiller.   R.e.d.d. Seal Hmmm, Decisions, Decisions. Maybe all 3?

Costa Rica Prep

Packed and Ready. R.e.d.d. Costa Rica Surf Trip Fuel ⚡️

Happy Spring!

Dear R.e.d.d. Family, Happy Spring (still snowing here in New England)! Sincerely, R.e.d.d. Pre-order New Flavors today here at reddbar.com

Fresh R.e.d.d. Glimpses

Here are a few glimpses at our new Bars. We are looking forward to sharing with you! R.e.d.d. Oatmeal R.e.d.d. Peanut Butter + R.e.d.d. Chocolate + R.e.d.d. Oatmeal R.e.d.d. Chocolate + Peanut Butter Stack


Hello R.e.d.d. Fam, Welcome to our new website! We have been a bit quiet recently, but we still totally love you, and we are definitely not finished yet. Rather, just getting started. Stay tuned. We have some big updates to share in the next few weeks. In the meantime, meander around our site and check… Read more »