Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with Mint Chocolate

The easiest holiday of all

Of all the holidays on the U.S. calendar, very few of them come without stressful build-up and expectations. Who hasn’t planned for a spectacular New Year’s Eve celebration, only to be trapped at a lukewarm party with no chance of getting a cab to leave? That’s why we’re thankful for next week’s holiday. It requires no gift-giving, no expensive costume, and no dashed hopes: St. Patrick’s Day.

Like most people who aren’t Irish, we associate this holiday with general merriment and a sense of camaraderie. Hopefully, there’s also some corned beef cooked by someone more authentically attached to the day. There are, however, some essential rules:

Wear Green

Are you embarrassed to wear green in your conservative office, or at your hip co-working space where everyone only wears black? Hold your head high, put on any color between neon and forest, and strut into your workplace knowing that you’re festive and fun. If you need a less ostentatious look or a green accessory, we happen to know a Redd bar that fits the profile.

Control Yourself

Unless St. Patrick’s Day is your 21st birthday, there’s no need to imbibe like prohibition starts tomorrow. The Guinness will still be around, and maybe even on sale, in the days after the holiday. At the risk of sounding like your mom or your DARE counselor, we’d recommend lessening your drinking so you can actually remember what happens at the party.

Remember the Spirit of the Holiday

Our modern celebration of St. Patrick’s, like most holidays, has deviated from the original meaning of the day. So do a little research and get to know your Irish history!

St. patrick approved

Our new Mint Chocolate Redd bars are approved by St. Patrick himself. Find them here.