Chronic Fatigue? Generate Energy the Redd Way

Ever feel like you’re living the most healthy lifestyle possible yet you’re still exhausted? Like, no matter how clean your meal plans and how disciplined your exercise regime, you still struggle to get out of bed in the morning? While the vitamins, minerals, and caffeine in a Redd bar will definitely help pick you up, the fuel we give our minds is every bit as important as the fuel we give our bodies.

Fatigue is often diagnosed as a physical problem. We are bombarded by advice that there’s a quick fix — pop some vitamin D, cut out sugar, go for a run. However, energy isn’t solely reliant on super foods and sport. Fatigue can also stem from mental and emotional causes. The Redd HQ plan for maximum energy is built on four cornerstones: proper nutrition, consistent exercise, and dedicated periods of time each week to both teamwork and solitude.



Successful people have successful peer groups. It’s impossible to fuel the long hours necessary to excel without having deep energy reserves to draw from. So, what is occurring in these tight knit networks that propels the individuals in them forward? Why are teams so important?

People feed on the energy and enthusiasm of others. We draw inspiration and motivation from discussing ideas and goals. Focused teamwork sessions gather the energy necessary to break through barriers that wouldn’t be surpassable alone.


Spending time in reflection allows everything taken in during the week to be clarified and applied to your life. One of the absolute best things you can do for yourself when you feel constantly tired is to take a few hours to shut out the world in order to rejuvenate. Read a book from a thought leader in your field. Map out a plan to achieve goals and jot down what you’re grateful for.


All the inspiration and mental rejuvenation in the world are worth nothing if you aren’t also taking the time to physically care for your brain, bones and muscles. Grab a Redd bar while you’re on the go to power up your short-term energy with 11 superfoods, as well as take care of long-term health with 19 vitamins and minerals.

Think you’re too busy to get some exercise in your day? Think again! Combine solitude with exercise by taking voice notes while you walk or doing a home yoga practice.


Our success today is thanks to Alden sustaining immense amounts of energy for years, and focusing that energy into developing the highest performing and best tasting bar.  Alden relied on other health and fitness enthusiasts for new streams of information and feedback. He spent hours alone, reflecting on what he had learned and experimenting with various formulas.

Remember, being alone does not always equal being in solitude, just as being surrounded by others does not always result in teamwork. Energy generation results from active engagement.

What are your techniques for beating physical or mental fatigue? Tag the person who adds the most positive energy to your life!