chocolate redd superfood energy bar box on entrepreneur desk

Here at Redd HQ, we love verbs. We like to hustle, scheme, plan, scramble, go, run, win (and sometimes, crash). We wake up every morning with a drive to do better. That’s why we designed a superfood energy bar that can power a busy day. It takes a unique (and mildly insane) person to try to put a dream out into the world as a reality. But, being those people – and supporting those people – is our motivator.


Those dreams are diverse. Maybe you want to run your PR, or maybe you want to re-design eating utensils. Maybe you want to be an eSports maverick. Maybe you want to raise money for your favorite charity, or grow a perfect tomato. Maybe you’re trying to be the best mom you can be! No two hustles are the same, and none are better than another – we’re here for anybody trying to verb.


You don’t have to be up all night, IV drip of coffee, running ultramarathons to be a do-er. There’s beauty and grace in the everyday verbs: listening, caring, finding your passion and staying true to your word and your ideals. A day spent at the library, learning something new, can bring the same thrill as the wildest outdoor adventure.


We designed Redd to keep up with you, regardless of what your hustle is. The perfect amount of caffeine, the nourishing superfoods you need, and the indulgently healthy taste you deserve during a long day of doing. We know it works, because we nosh on a Redd superfood energy bar to power our own hustle. What do you use your Redd bar for? Let us know!