On the Fine Art of Fall Beverage Pairings

Let’s say farewell to the beverages of summer.

Goodbye, iced coffee, with your condensation that gets all over everything! Adios, sticky-sweet lemonade! It’s finally time for the indulgent, soothing drinks of fall. And what else says fall like a Salted Caramel Redd bar? After a not-insignificant amount of time spent taste testing, we’ve carefully curated a list of the best beverage pairings for Redd’s newest and most autumnal flavor, so that you can up the comfort factor while enjoying the maximalist benefits of a quick bite.


1. Craft Coffees
We could (and often do) wax poetic all day about the perfect partnership of Redd and coffee, so we’ll keep it short: absolutely nothing goes better together than a strong, hot cuppa and a Redd. The caffeine content is perfect, the maximalist nutrition is a perfect supplement to a morning beverage, and the flavors are delightfully melded. We have one requirement, though: it better be a good coffee. Life is short.


2. Dark, Lush Beers
Some people might try to tell you that the best time to enjoy a beer is in the summer. Those people are narrow-minded and you don’t need them in your life. In actuality, the dark stouts and porters of autumn are some of the best beers coming out of the craft scene today, and they happen to pair wonderfully with Salted Caramel. We definitely can’t legally tell you that Redd will help you fend off your stout-fueled hangover, but isn’t it worth a shot?


3. Fire Cider
This pairing may seem like the weirdest of the three, but hear us out. If you haven’t heard of it, fire cider is the funky herbal tonic that dates back thousands of years and contains dozens of natural health benefits. Nothing says fall like a vaguely witchy herbal brew, it’s a nice immune boost during the most illness-prone season. Pairing fire cider with Redd is like buying a lottery ticket on top of working hard: it’s good to cover all your bases.


Don’t get caught thirsty this season while you enjoy the newest addition to the Redd family. And if you have a favorite pairing that’s not on this list, make sure to let us know!