Glamping or Camping – The Great Vacation Debate

Everyone on the Redd team has lived or grown up in Maine, and for us camping is not a pastime, it’s a way of life. It’s not a fun weekend in nature as much as a required test of wits and stamina. Mainers pride themselves on the ability to suffer through long winters, and in the summertime head into the wilderness with a backpack and a book knowing they’ll be able to survive.

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There is nothing more satisfying than the feeling you get on the first night in the woods, when you find the perfect campsite, build an incredibly sturdy lean-to with only a tarp and the things you find in the brush, and after hours of failed attempts, finally sparking your campfire, stabbing a hotdog with a stick and sitting back to relax in silence.


Of course in the past few years that moment is usually ruined by the blasting of music from the 3-bedroom “tent” that is set up in the campsite next to yours. The smell of grass-fed beef burgers being grilled in full outdoor kitchen and the sound of clinking plastic wine glasses as they toast to family glamping reminds you how hungry you are.


Deciding whether to go camping or glamping is a hard one. Here are a few of the pros and cons to weigh before starting your next vacation.


The Pros of Camping:

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Be truly unplugged

We all need to unplug, to slow down and remember what it’s like to do absolutely nothing. Camping is one of the few opportunities we have to tune in to nature and reconnect with our friends offline.


Food tastes better

Grilled hot dogs, chili over a fire, s’mores and pancakes over a griddle just taste better when they are slow-cooked over a fire.


Walking in nature

Whether you’re trekking or hiking across the Appallachian trail, or just exploring around the campground, there is nothing better than slowing down to notice the cool things around us in nature.


Camping Cons:

Finding clean water

Depending on where you stay, having clean potable water available can be challenging. Showers and water pumps are not always guaranteed, or reliable.


Staying clean

It’s likely you will get dirty and stay dirty when you’re camping. If staying clean and having a warm shower is non-negotiable for you. You may want to get an RV.  


Animals are everywhere

Wild animals are not your friends. Remember when you’re camping, you’re actually crashing in someone else’s home.  Coyotes, raccoons, squirrels and other critters may be accustomed to humans and love that we bring them food. Hide it well.  


Food is limited

Camping over a fire tastes better. But we are used to eating what we want, when we want it.While camping, options are limited and some food can go bad, start to taste funny or be eaten by animals. It’s not always fun.


Sleeping on the ground

After a long day of hiking, pitching your own tent, starting your own camp fire, and carrying all of your own gear in and out, you’ll have to sleep on the ground in a sleeping bag. It won’t be comfortable, there will be bugs and bumps in the ground, it will likely be too hot or too cold. Or both.  


Glamping Pros:

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The Glorious Tent

Having a large, fully stocked tent with beds, chairs, a kitchenette, and other furniture makes glamping by far more comfortable than camping. The tent is likely already set up, which gives you more time to do other glamping activities.


Delicious Food

No need to worry about storing food or having enough to eat. Many glamping experiences come provided with meals or have all the amenities to cook a meal just like you would at home.


Running Water

Having running water for showers, cooking, bathrooms is a huge benefit.



With extra time, space and storage – someone in your group is likely to bring a guitar, a croquet set or other games.


Glamping Cons

Are there any?

You may not get the sheer satisfaction of knowing you can survive without modern amenities, but there is something fantastic about spending your vacation days with family in the outdoors with all the luxuries of a nice hotel.

Whether you are camping or glamping – be sure to bring along a box of Redd to stay energized for your adventure.