Healthy Ways to Get Caffeine Without Drinking Coffee

We love coffee. Sometimes a little too much. A cup (or 4) tastes fantastic and provides a temporary jolt of energy, but drinking it too often can be problematic.

Some coffee drinkers struggle with digestive issues from drinking too much, too often. Coffee is highly acidic and can cause imbalances in your gut bacteria (the good kind). For other people, coffee can increase stress hormones and cause increased anxiety or jittery-ness.

While most of the time coffee isn’t a problem, it can be addictive. When you know your body or routine relies on java to get you through the day, it might be helpful to temporarily quit coffee to recalibrate your body.

Healthy Caffeine Alternatives | Redd Bar | Superfood Energy

So how can you get a small and balanced kick of caffeine without chugging a mug of coffee? 

Here are a few of our favorite ways to get an energy boost without coffee.



Not surprisingly, Redd bars are at the top of our list for natural way to get a balanced energy boost. One of our main active ingredients is yerba mate which is said to have “the power of coffee, and the euphoria of chocolate.” We balance it with a high quality pumpkin seed protein which supports the body as it digests and absorbs the caffeine and other nutrients to avoid any post-caffeine energy crash.



When we aren’t eating Redd bars, we’re drinking yerba mate. We love the stuff and it’s been known to have a cult following with computer programmers, creative geniuses and generations of south americans. Besides offering a gentle but effective kick of caffeine, yerba mate also supports heart and neurological health.


Another energizing and delicious alternative to coffee is dark chocolate. Cacao and dark chocolate provide an excellent source of iron and magnesium which can boost energy. Choosing a dark chocolate rather than a milk or white chocolate is important since the added sugar and dairy can reduce health benefits. Dark chocolate is also an ingredient in all Redd bars, and the inspiration for the original Chocolate Redd bar flavor.



Ginger tea is both energizing and great for improving digestion. It makes the perfect coffee alternative since it can help you breathe deeper and helps you recover after a large meal. It can increase the function of your circulatory system, allowing your blood to move more freely throughout the body. This gives you the sensation of waking up.