How to Become a Morning Workout Person

There are two kinds of people in this world: morning people and normal people. If you’re like us and need coffee just to get out of bed, you know the struggle is real. But when the work grind can take you late into the night, morning can be the best time to get a energy-boosting workout in.

With some effort (and probably a few slip-ups involving the snooze button), you can adjust your body clock to get you excited about getting up for an AM sweat. We asked our guest writer Alyssa Vassallo for her tips on how to become a morning workout person, and she delivered. Read on for brain-tricking tips and life hacks that will have you up early in no time.

Yogi stretches up to the rising sun as she embraces being a morning workout person

By: Alyssa Vassallo

As a medical student and semi-professional marathoner, I often have to plan for absurdly early workouts. Though at first this was not easy by any means, my body has begun to acclimate and they’ve become easier and easier. It took a lot of trial and error, but here are some tips that I found to be most helpful!


Lay it all out

Set out your workout clothes the night before to save you time in the morning. Another way to tell your mind you’re committed to your workout!


Avoid the snooze

Put an alarm on your phone and set it across the room. This will force you out of bed to turn it off and make you less likely to hit that snooze button!


No matter how early I wake up, I always make sure to ingest some calories so that my body isn’t working on starvation mode. This can mess with your metabolism and actually cause you to store fat and make you hungrier later! A Redd bar is a perfect way to fuel your morning workout.


Buddy up

Planning to meet a friend for an early morning workout is an easy way to keep each other accountable. Another way to be held accountable is signing up for a class!


Reward yourself

After a morning workout, you have the whole day ahead of you! Give yourself something to look forward to after your workout. My newest favorite combo is making oats with chocolate protein powder and topping it with a banana and peanut butter!

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