In Defense of Independent Coffee

Redd + Coffee = A Perfect Pairing

If you like Redd, there’s a chance you might also be interested in a certain hot caffeinated elixir known as coffee. We know because we designed Redd to be a perfect compliment to your morning (or afternoon, or evening) cup of joe. Our bars are very popular anywhere coffee is sold, evidence that the Venn diagram of coffee drinkers and Redd fans is just one big circle.

We noticed a news story recently that McDonald’s, the ubiquitous “food” purveyor who needs no introduction, is making their coffee even cheaper in an effort to draw in customers. They’ve even released a video in the UK that mocks specialty coffee and local coffee shops. Caffeine for $1 might seem appealing when it’s 7am on Monday morning. But don’t forget that small businesses are an essential part of what keeps a community alive! And that a hand-crafted espresso will probably get you going more than a drip coffee made 6 hours ago.


From Coffee By Design here in Maine to Bison Coffee House in Portland, Oregon, we LOVE the small and personal coffee shops all over this country. These places aren’t characterized by $12 lattes or buzzword ingredients; they’re marked by friendly faces and comfortable chairs for daydreaming. Redd started in an independent coffee shop, and we’re sure that countless other ideas and businesses did too.

Have a favorite local coffee shop? Show us @reddbar! (And maybe suggest they pick up some bars..)