Matt Millemann Talks Surfing, Redd Energy Bars, and Homesteading

Maine is the inspirational background that launched Redd bar.

We’re never short of people and places in our home state who simultaneously humble and inspire us. Matt Millemann is one such person.


Matt balances working on his blueberry farm with competitive surfing. He relies on clean protein sources for a quick recovery after catching a wave, and to ensure mental stamina when managing his farm. Being both an athlete and an entrepreneur, Matt and Redd energy bars were a natural match.


Matt took some time away from his busy schedule to chat with us about his motivations and lifestyle.


Photo: Alex Koz


What are you dedicated to?

Matt Millemann: I am dedicated to making the most out of the brief experience that is my life. I believe that life is too short to separate work and pleasure, so I believe in loving what you do, and doing what you love as much as possible.


What does a normal week look like for you?

MM: A normal week from April to November begins and ends at my blueberry farm and seasonal homestead in Washington County, Maine. I wake up, feed our pigs, chickens and dog, and then work on projects, such as clearing land, cutting down trees, and creating more space for wild blueberries to thrive. I like to end the day with a surf or hike with my dog. From November to April, there is no normal week, but there has been a lot of surfing and odd jobs in the past. Who knows what this winter will bring.


How have surf culture and competitions influenced your life?

MM: Surfing has been the source of most of the happiest, scariest and beautiful experiences of my life. Surf culture and most surf competitions have a long way to go before they are half as interesting as just going surfing.


Who is your biggest inspiration?

MM: My biggest inspirations have been, and continue to be, family, friends, the ocean, and the beautiful places where I have been lucky enough to live.


How did you get into blueberry farming?

MM: I grew up on a farm in rural Maryland and have always loved working hard outdoors. A couple years ago a few friends from college and I bought some land that was an old blueberry farm and we have been breaking our backs ever since.


What led to your interest in clean proteins?

MM: After developing an alpha-gal allergy to gluten, dairy and most meat, I needed to find a way to keep my body strong without any of those things. Necessity is the mother of invention.


How have Redd energy bars benefited your life?

MM: Redd has allowed me to do without lunch, a meal that I have always found to be a waste of time.


What’s your favorite Redd bar flavor?

MM: My favorite flavor Redd Bar is chocolate, because it tastes like the best brownie but makes my stomach feel the opposite of how a brownie would make it feel.


Describe your dream travel itinerary.

MM: My dream travel itinerary would be to follow a south swell across the Pacific on a big boat with a bunch of friends and a stocked galley.


What’s something that almost no one knows about you?

MM: Something no one knows about me, other than my lower school teachers, is that I can pick my nose with my tongue.