Feeling Hangry? You need a meal bridge

Some people call it second lunch, others call it an afternoon pick-me-up. Just don’t call it a snack.

Meal Bridge | Redd Bar | Superfood Energy

A meal bridge is a nutrient dense mini-meal that doesn’t need a lot of prep, boosts your creative energy and gets you back into the hustle asap.

Unlike a snack that is meant to curb a craving, a meal bridge helps you get the energy and focus you need to kick life into high gear. Maybe you suffer from a regular 10am caffeine crash or a 3pm slump, and that’s when you need a meal bridge. Maybe you want to hit the gym after work or make it through a yoga class without your stomach rumbling during Savasana.

We designed Redd bars to give a protein-packed energy boost that buys you the extra few hours whenever you need it. 

We chose superfood ingredients that are known to give you clean, natural energy and boost your brain and body function. We also chose not to add anything unnecessary. No additives, no flavorings, no fillers. It’s everything you need, and nothing you don’t.

If you need a meal bridge to support your busy life and get you through your next long meeting or tough workout, grab a box of Redd bars and keep them close by.

Buy yourself a few hours!