Redd at Work: Meditation is the new standing desk

Creating a healthy work space is more complicated than it seems. Workers know environment is important, and employers know that their businesses does better when their staff is happy, healthy and can focus.

For years, we’ve seen thoughtful corporations try to build a business that works for their employees, so they in turn work smarter for the business. Health, happiness and balance are not just good for employees, it’s good for the bottom line.


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Health at work

Lunchtime yoga classes, in-house gyms and sponsored sports club memberships became not just a perk at offices, but an HR standard and a new employee requirement. At Redd, we have a Crossfit gym and a yoga studio just down the hall.

More recently, standing desks and ergonomically correct furniture became all the rage. Office workers finally got sick of suffered the consequences of slumping through the day, while staring at computers.


At Redd HQ, instead of office desks we share a standing table where we can brainstorm and create while moving around the room.

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So shouldn’t we all be fit, balanced, have better posture and be more productive at work? We finally have better work spaces, more comfortable desks and unprecedented access to creating healthy habits while at the office.


Meditation at work

Unfortunately, many people struggle to turn “off” long enough to get to the gym, or to truly relax and refocus while in a yoga class. The pace of business is moving at lightspeed and expectations to respond to emails immediately and be constantly producing can be daunting.

Thankfully in the past few months, we’ve started to see a trend we think could change everything. Our favorite CEO’s, business leaders and creative geniuses have started coming out as lifelong meditators. Their conversations reveal that for many highly productive people, meditation is their one must-do habit of their day.


Redd Meditates – so should you

We believe that employee meditation breaks, meditation apps and dedicated quiet meditation rooms will become a standard at many offices. At Redd, we are serious believers in the power of turning “off”.

Each member of our team has their own form of meditation, whether it’s cruising up the coast on a sailboat out of reach of cell service, getting lost on a Maine mountain trail, or sitting in a quiet room trying to focus on focusing, we have all experienced the benefits of our own form of meditation.

You’ll be hearing more about this as we watch how meditation in the workplace changes the world of entrepreneurship and business.