6 Ingredient Mint Chocolate Nice Cream Recipe

6 Ingredient Mint Chocolate Nice Cream Recipe

Move aside overnight oats, chia pudding and smoothie bowls. Nice Cream is the new darling of health-conscious foodies and athletes everywhere


For the uninitiated, some savvy recipe-wizard discovered that blending frozen bananas for a long enough period of time resulted in a creamy texture similar to ice cream. Then, a marketing-wizard dubbed the nutritious, decadent dessert “Nice Cream.”


Our 6 ingredient Mint Chocolate Nice Cream recipe is sure to take the sting out of a bad day, woo your sweetie, or wow your Instagram followers.



1 pack of Nibmor Chocolate Mint Powder

2 over ripe bananas frozen

3/4 cup of coconut cream

1 Mint Chocolate Redd Bar – (break into chunks and roll into balls)

1/2 pomegranate (seeds only for garnishing)

1 Nibmor Daily Dose (shaved for garnishing)


In blender, blend bananas, coconut cream, and Nibmor powder.

Place in bowl, garnish with Redd Bar, pomegranate, and chocolate shavings.


Pro Tips:
  • Freeze the bananas yourself, because pre-frozen bananas lose potassium when blanched.
  • Unpeeled, frozen bananas last 3 – 4 month
  • For gorgeous nice cream scoops, throw the mixture in the freezer and let it firm up before scooping
  • If you add too much liquid, you don’t have nice cream, you have yourself a smoothie

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