It’s a Mint-er Wonderland


Up here in Maine, we’re enduring enjoying another snowstorm outside the offices of Redd HQ. We can’t help but feel like the brand-new Mint Chocolate flavor is perfect for this time of year – a veritable Mint-er Wonderland, you might say!


We’re guilty of eating these bars at a rapid rate, much to our boss’ chagrin. But consumption is only the beginning of what Mint Chocolate is good for! If you’re snowed in or if you’re looking for a new way to use Redd, here are a few more ideas that we’ve had around the office:

Redd Shuffleboard

This is exactly what it sounds like. If you have a broom, a long hallway, and a few Redd bars (4 flavors=4 teams), you’ve got yourself a game. You can mark out the endlines with masking tape, or you can just use your *imagination*.

Home Decorating

When you eat as many bars as we do, you’re bound to end up with some empty boxes. We’re fond of creating elaborate structures made of our 6-pack boxes – sort of like adult Legos – and then gleefully tearing them down. Make patterns using the different colored boxes, or go freeform.

Redd Home Decorating
Personal Organizing

While it may sound like we mostly have fun and eat Redd bars all day in the office, we do occasionally complete a task or two. Our personal favorite way to use Redd boxes is for business card storage: the green Mint Chocolate box denotes someone we’ve been in contact with, yellow Peanut Butter signifies someone on the list to contact, and red Chocolate is for the cards of our enemies. Just kidding. Maybe.

If you’re not a business card guy or gal, the boxes are still great to store other types of office supplies, especially if you want to sort them in some way.

Got a better idea? Show us @reddbar!