Shake up your winter with our new Mint Chocolate bar!

New Redd Mint Chocolate bar


If you’re in a harsh northern climate like us, it’s about that time in the winter when the novelty of snow and cold has really worn off.

(And if you live somewhere sunny, please don’t talk to us until, like, June.)

The snow has gone from pristine powder to brownish sludge, you’ve seen all the Oscar-nominated movies already, and the general feeling is drab and depressing. We’ve been there, and that’s why we’ve spent the past few months developing the newest Redd flavor – Mint Chocolate! It’s an indulgent yet refreshing way to shake up your taste buds. That’s great for your mouth, but what about for the rest of your life? Try this list.


Time for a new diet or exercise routine!

It’s all too easy for your body to get used to your current wellness routine and reach a plateau. The same goes for your brain! Try a new exercise class, eating or cooking habit, or some other way to challenge your body’s natural stasis.

Tackle a creative project.

We chose developing a new Redd flavor, but to each their own. Try out an art form you’ve never done before, tag along with a friend to ceramics class, or just rearrange the furniture in your living room. Doing something with your hands can work wonders for that “blah” feeling. When you’ve finished, show us @reddbar!


We know, we know – you can’t just leave at the drop of a hat. But even a simple day trip to the nearest big city can make you feel that excited anticipation that’s missing in the winter season. And if you happen to be able to get away, make sure to bring a Redd bar!


You can check out our new Mint Chocolate Redd bar here.