The myth of having no time to exercise

(An excerpt from the Redd eBook “Food for Work”)

Myth of no time to exercise | Redd Bar


Most over-extended stressed out entrepreneurs will tell you the same thing. “I don’t have time to work out every day!” The truth is you can’t afford NOT TO work out every day.

If you’re a knowledge worker, your brain is your most valuable asset (your laptop comes in at a close second). It is the tool you use to perform at your job and unlike your laptop, you can’t replace it every few years. So you’d better start taking care of the one you’ve got.

While nutrition is crucial to keeping your brain healthy and optimized for productivity, exercise can be the most efficient way of keeping your neurological system functioning at it’s best.

Science proves less is more

According to John Medina, author of Brain Rules, people who are physically active score better on cognitive tests than people living a sedentary lifestyle. In a clinical trial run by the Body-Brain Performance Institute in association with Swinburne’s University and Brain Sciences Institute, there was a clear link between physical fitness, brain function and reduced stress levels at work.

Although it may be counterintuitive, spending a few hours away from the office at the gym, or running on a trail makes your hours in the office more effective. The net results are dramatically positive.


A little exercise goes a long way.

The best news is that it doesn’t matter how much exercise you do, or what kind of exercise you do. Just exercising a little every day guarantees better physical health, awareness, focus and attentiveness.

In a trial done by the University of Georgia, researchers split people into three groups – low-intensity, moderate-intensity and a control group that did no exercise at all. During the six week experiment, both exercise groups reported improved levels of energy compared to the control group. And, the best news, the low-intensity group reported less fatigue than the moderate intensity group.

So, you do not have to start doing CrossFit or running marathons to get the benefits of exercise. Low-intensity exercise like walking and strength training work just as well. Start doing walking meetings like Steve Jobs, or opt for commuting by bike to work a few times a week.