Oatmeal, Overlooked No More

Oatmeal, Overlooked

We’ve noticed a trend lately among our friends and family when we talk about Redd bars. People tend to establish a favorite early, developing an affinity for the richness of Chocolate or the smooth nuttiness of Peanut Butter. The release of our refreshing Mint Chocolate flavor has also garnered quite a few fans, leaving one individual a bit overlooked: Oatmeal.

We get it. Oatmeal may not have the sexiness of rich dark chocolate, or the finesse of crunchy Peanut Butter. A bowl of morning oatmeal certainly doesn’t call to mind indulgence like a bite of smooth Mint Chocolate does. But every star-studded roster needs a team manager to keep the score and arrange the logistics, and that manager is Oatmeal.



FOND Memories

Think about it. Who was there for you on those cold winter mornings, when you needed a healthy and filling pick-me-up? Oatmeal. Who fed you when you were home sick with the flu in elementary school, keeping your body going? Well, technically, your mom. But also oatmeal.

That famous blue Redd bar works hard for your body so that you don’t have to interrupt your busy life to think about nutrition and wellness. Oatmeal will be there, keeping the score and managing the equipment, giving you 2-3 hours of positive energy.

And it IS a little sexier than you give it credit for: under all those steel-cut oats, crunchy cashews, and chia seeds, you’ll find dark chocolate chips and a gooey, doughy texture. So consider adding Oatmeal to your next order or monthly subscription, and we think all those memories of the good times will come right back.

You can check out our selection of Oatmeal packs here.