Phil’s Food Reviews

4/25/2018 – “Clearly one of the best energy bars I’ve tasted. Peanuts are the first ingredient followed by oats and quinoa and a ton of other great ingredients. Don’t let the “salted caramel” fool you. This is not a sweet bar, it is a delightful savory bar. As the label says – all killer, no… Read more »

Jasmine and Chris of Sweet Simple Vegan

Plant-based Foodie Vegans Share What They Eat In A Day

Hi everyone! We are Jasmine and Chris, the team behind Sweet Simple Vegan. Sweet Simple Vegan is not only a food centered recipe website for those interested in healthy eating, but it is also a lifestyle brand encompassing all resources for those interested in making an impactful lifestyle change and living a more conscious life,… Read more »

Chocolate Redd Bar and Roses

Food That Loves You Back

Food is love You don’t have to be a massively jaded cynic to feel overloaded by all the Valentine’s-themed, lovey-dovey content floating around right about now. And hey, don’t get us wrong: relationships are great. Love rules. So if you’re in one, by all means, do take this opportunity to celebrate that lovely and precious… Read more »

Sean Rabbitt with Redd bar

Team USA’s Sean Rabbitt Shares His Grueling Schedule and Positive Energy

Sean Rabbitt is having a serious moment. He’s a figure skater for Team USA, he’s competing like never before, and he’s known among fans for his incredible positive energy and giant smile. His Instagram features shots of his intensive training schedule and incredible skating routines, but his outlook and uncompromised lifestyle are instantly relatable. He… Read more »

Madi Serpico shows off her modeling skills

Madi Serpico: Powerfully Fast, Plant-based Triathlete

If you’re one of the few people not addicted to Madi Serpico’s Instagram, you might not know about this powerfully fast, vegan triathlete. Competing in her first Triathlon event at 12, Madi hasn’t slowed down since – that’s why she’s a perfect representative of the Redd lifestyle. She swims, bikes, runs, models, and makes it… Read more »

Top 10 trends at the 2018 San Francisco Fancy Food Show

By: JESSICA YADEGARAN Imagine 220,000 square feet devoted to specialty food items, and you get to sample them all. That was our challenge this weekend at the annual Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco, where more than 1,400 gourmet food purveyors from around the world brought their cheeses, oils, chocolates, sauces, crackers, ice creams,… Read more »