Garrett Kenyon with Redd bars

Professional Endurance Athlete Garrett Kenyon On Running as a Full Time Job

There’s no sport quite like running, and there’s no one quite as crazy as a runner. That’s why Garrett Kenyon, a professional plant-based distance runner on the rise, is a perfect fit for Team Redd – we’re not so sane ourselves. The Redd community is full of people who are nuts in the best possible… Read more »

Zane Kekoa Schweitzer rips it up on a hydrofoil kitesurf

Uncompromised, Unconventional and InZane! Meet Zane Kekoa Schweitzer

Very few of us get to live a life that is truly in harmony with the natural world. Imagine conquering a sport that requires working in tandem with the wild and unpredictable ocean, while honoring your family, inspiring your community, and, oh yeah, writing a freakin’ book. We know someone who does all that, and… Read more »

Naomi Mederos Profile Picture

Naomi Mederos Talks Life as an Entrepreneur, Dietetic Student and Vegan

It’s impossible not to get pulled in by 21 year old Naomi Mederos’ Instagram. Gorgeously staged food shots are paired with an uplifting tone and recipes that are simple to recreate. Mederos’ playful profile photo and big smile belie the grit and determination that drive her ability to successfully balance a rapidly growing food blogging… Read more »

DIRIGO STORIES: Maine-born energy bar brand expands

  BRUNSWICK (WGME) — A young entrepreneur is marking a big milestone. He turned a backpack business into a coast-to-coast operation. Redd, an energy bar created by Alden Blease, of Bowdoinham, is now being sold in 1,000 stores across the country. “Here we are definitely a scrappy group,” Blease said. “We find ways to innovate… Read more »

Healthy Winter Recipe: Hot Coco Oatmeal with Chocolate Chunks

Healthy Winter Recipes for #WellnessGoals

Wellness doesn’t have to stop with winter! Kiely of The Kind Coconut crafted four healthy winter recipes that’ll help you avoid common holiday season traps. Learn how to make: A hearty breakfast with the complex carbs your body needs An accompaniment to “netflix and chill” that’s surprisingly nutritious A sweet party snack that makes you feel… Read more »

6 Ingredient Mint Chocolate Nice Cream

6 Ingredient Mint Chocolate Nice Cream Recipe

Move aside overnight oats, chia pudding and smoothie bowls. Nice Cream is the new darling of health-conscious foodies and athletes everywhere   For the uninitiated, some savvy recipe-wizard discovered that blending frozen bananas for a long enough period of time resulted in a creamy texture similar to ice cream. Then, a marketing-wizard dubbed the nutritious,… Read more »

Learn how to eat like an elite athlete. Pictured: Alyssa Vassallo racing down the track.

Eat Like An Athlete For a Day

Alyssa Vassallo is the definition of dedicated. A talented runner, she balances full-time med school with 12 to 14 hours per week of training. Her demanding schedule makes it imperative that the food she eats provides the maximum amount of energy possible. Alyssa leverages her background in Exercise and Sport Science to get the biggest… Read more »

On the Fine Art of Fall Beverage Pairings

Let’s say farewell to the beverages of summer. Goodbye, iced coffee, with your condensation that gets all over everything! Adios, sticky-sweet lemonade! It’s finally time for the indulgent, soothing drinks of fall. And what else says fall like a Salted Caramel Redd bar? After a not-insignificant amount of time spent taste testing, we’ve carefully curated… Read more »

Vegan-Friendly Fall Activities

Is fall not the most ‘gram-worthy season? If brilliant colors and crisp air don’t make you want to hit pause on the hustle and head outside, we probably wouldn’t be friends. There’s no better time to enjoy our natural bounty, with fewer of the inconveniences that keep us inside (no bug bites! No burns! No… Read more »