Portland Roasting Coffee + Redd Bar Collaborative Coffee Pairing

Redd founder Alden Blease presents Redd bar flavors at Portland Roasting Coffee

Nothing goes better with a Redd bar than a great cup of coffee. Last week we took it to the next level when Portland Roasting Coffee hosted Redd for our first ever collaborative coffee pairing.

Nathanael, Portland Roasting Coffee’s Director of Coffee, spoke eloquently about the origins and flavor notes of the coffees. Alden, our founder and dreamer in residence, presented the Redd bar flavors. The coffee and Redd pairings are designed to highlight the nuances of the different types of coffee and bar flavors.

Each pairing from the tasting is now available at all Portland Roasting Coffee locations. 




Peanut Butter + Goose Hollow

Notes: Deep, milk chocolate, creamy

Origins: Mexico, Brazil


Oatmeal + Guatemala

Notes: Rounded, chocolate, smooth

Origin: Guatemala


Chocolate + Fair Trade Organic – Honduras La Esmerelda

Notes: Blackberry syrup, orange marmalade, clean

Origin: Honduras


Mint Chocolate + Illumination Nitro Cold Brew

Notes: Chocolate, cherry, juicy

Origins: Colombia, Papua New Guinea