Redd at Work: Make 3-7pm the most productive hours of your day

Americans work more hours at the office than most other Western cultures. And we take pride in that. This is the land of the free, home of the brave. People wear their overtime hours like a badge of honor.

Unfortunately, we don’t always work efficiently.


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Woring hard vs Working smart

We believe the trend of overworking is changing. Many people are looking for ways to work smarter, and to put in fewer hours at the office but produce higher quality work and get better results.


When we wake up, we put into action all of the productivity skills that we’ve learned on the internet. Unfortunately, once 1pm rolls around, our passion for productivity has faded into a passion for cat videos.


Since launching Redd and creating a thriving startup, wasting our afternoons is no longer an option. We had to come up with ways to push through the day and make 3pm-7pm our most productive hours.


Here are a few of the productivity tricks that are working for us:


Take a Real Lunch Break

It may seem counter-intuitive, but force yourself to actually take a break. Spend at least 15-20 minutes away from your computer, your phone and your coworkers. It’s proven to sustain your concentration throughout the afternoon.


Schedule a 1pm Walking Meeting

Studies have shown that walking boosts creativity. Stepping away from screens, spending time in a more natural setting and having creative conversations helps us reset our brains and get fired up for our afternoons.


Take a Nap

We don’t often take naps. But sometimes when our mind is racing and our body is struggling to keep up, we take 5 minutes to lay on the lawn and close our eyes. Those days always seem to be the most productive. Of course, we aren’t the only ones to use naps as a secret weapon of productivity.


Change Your Environment

If you work in a quiet, temperature regulated office, at the same desk with the same view every day, consider moving to a cafe or to a different part of the building for the afternoon. The light hum of a cafe has proven to make people more productive, and just a simple change of scenery can make it feel like you’re starting fresh.


Rewrite your to-do list

Choose one task you want to achieve this afternoon. It’s likely you spent your morning returning emails and checking off the easiest to-dos on the list. Prioritize one single project for the afternoon, and even if you make good progress on it, you’ll feel like the day was worthwhile.


Eat Protein and Healthy Fat

An afternoon coffee is what most people rely on to bull through their afternoon. Unfortunately, coffee and sugar can lead to the dreaded 3pm crash that destroys even the most productive intentions. And don’t get us wrong, caffeine is helpful, but it needs to be balanced with protein and healthy fats. A balanced snack provides your body with the fuel it needs to create sustained energy.


We developed Redd bars as a superfood energy bar designed to give you energy without the crash. We’ve found that it buys a few extra hours in your day and keep you focused on what’s important to YOU. Keep a box of Redd in your desk drawer to power through your afternoons.