3 Reasons You’ll Love Redd Bars

Before starting Redd, we can remember staring at the wall of bars at our local grocery store wondering “what makes a bar better than all these others?” But the fact is, every bar we tested compromised on either health benefits or flavor. The ones that tasted great were loaded with sugars, and the ones that were healthy didn’t taste very good. Many of them left us feeling nauseous or low energy.

We created Redd because we knew it was possible to create a bar that made you feel amazing and still tasted good. We recognize that choosing the best superfood ingredients was the key to designing the perfect Meal Bridge bar.

3 Reasons you'll love Redd Bars.


They make you feel better

When our Founder, Alden Blease, first starting making Redd bars in his dorm room he was trying to create a food that would give him sustained energy without a sugar crash. He needed to get through his classes, workouts at the gym and hang time with friends without feeling hungry or tired. He started by hunting down the most nutrient dense, high energy foods and combined them. Since then, he’s continued to research, develop and design the bar for more energy with higher quality ingredients. The bars are designed to give you 2-3 hours of positive energy – and they do just that.


They’re indulgent without compromising your health

Unlike other “health bars” like protein bars, energy bars and meal replacement bars – Redd has always made it a priority that each flavor actually taste good. And they do. It’s not that hard when you use real, high-quality ingredients that are naturally healthy and also naturally tasty. Check out our list of superfood ingredients and you’ll understand why they’re so good for your body, and your taste buds.


They give you energy without a crash

Our bars are designed to give you a smooth boost of energy without a sugar crash. Each bar has Yerba Mate tea that offers the same caffeine kick as about 1/3 cup of coffee. Yerba is said to have “the strength of coffee, the health benefits of tea, and the euphoria of chocolate”. We balance the natural caffeine with protein, fiber and micronutrients to make sure your body is getting all of what it needs to be energized, not just a caffeine buzz. By energizing your brain, circulation, digestive system and muscles with a variety of superfoods – Redd gives you sustained positive energy that lasts for hours.