Redd at School: Hit Maximum Productivity

Kelsey munches on a Redd energy bar pre-workout

For the first 2-3 decades of our lives, much of our time on Earth is guided by school. We live by the anticipation and rituals of a new school year. Excitement about who our teachers will be. Deliberation over a first-day-of-school outfit. Dreams about what we’ll accomplish in the upcoming year.

Our goals are as varied as the individuals who make up our beautiful world. Yet, they all have themes in common. As humans, we want social connectedness, creative expression, academic achievement and athletic exceptionalism. It takes energy and dedication to fulfill these ambitions. That’s where Redd comes in.


Do Back to School the Redd way!

Every Redd energy bar has 9+ grams of protein, 11 superfoods, 19 vitamins and minerals, and 35+ mg of caffeine. Are you having difficulty waking up for that early morning work-out? Trying to power through an afternoon slump? Need laser sharp focus for a late night study sesh?

Redd bar will give you the 2 – 3 hours of positive energy your mind and body needs to make it happen. Great things are coming. Stock up on your Redd energy bar supply for the school year using the code “reddschool”. You’ll get 1 box (12 bars) free with the purchase of 3 boxes of any flavor. Jot a line in the order notes letting us know which flavor you want your free box to be.

Because Redd exists to help you succeed.