Redd Takes on Global Specialty Coffee Expo

Spoiler: Caffeination Ensues

Three days after the Global Specialty Coffee Expo in Seattle wrapped, we’re still coming down from the buzz. An extended weekend of spreading the Redd love, while connecting with like-minded coffee and nutrition enthusiasts, left us even more excited about the future (which we honestly didn’t think that was possible). Being able to connect with others who are equally as concerned about putting the highest quality fuel into our bodies is one of the best perks of the job.

The detritus of the event still spread across our desks serves as a happy little reminder of the brilliant people and world class products we were surrounded by throughout the weekend. Especially notable is the scented ceramic from Flor de Cafe, a fragrance company taking on gender inequality in the coffee industry. Fabulous fragrance line plus a social mission? Yes, please. From inspiring start-ups like Flor de Cafe to the smoothest cold brew we’ve ever had, here are our…


Expo Highlights

• One mom’s excitement over finding a bar that her picky-eating, competitive-dancing daughter actually enjoyed. Redd bar’s superior taste for the win!

• Multiple people from the same company coming by to ask for sample bars to take to their “head of product.” How many bars does one head of product need? We know that you just love the bars. You don’t gotta lie to kick it.

• Endless coconut milk lattes. Enough said.


Post Mortem

The Global Specialty Coffee Expo cemented the fact that coffee and Redd bars are an amazing duo. We’re super stoked about the positive feedback that we received and are already marking our calendars for next year.

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