How to Power Your Next Big Idea

“When did you find the time to start your own business?”

It’s a question our founder, Alden hears a lot.

The answer is simple. Between 7pm and 1am.

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When Alden founded Redd, he was in college, working and adventuring whenever he could. He created Redd bar as a way to fuel his busy lifestyle. He included tons of superfoods that are known for being healthy and natural sources of energy. This was crucial to building a new kind of superfood bar that worked for him.

What we’ve realized as Redd has grown from Alden’s side project into a thriving and fast-growing food company, is that eating Redd bars while he worked was key to helping him grow the business.

Even today, everyone on the Redd team eats a bar in the afternoon to keep us focused and productive. It gets us through the 3pm slump and provides 3-4 hours of productive energy without relying on coffee or sugar.

Because of those 3 extra hours Redd gives us, we call the bars a meal bridge.



Too many people power through their afternoons by chugging coffee, or eating a sugary snack.

Unfortunately, when 7pm rolls around their blood sugar has crashed and their body is physically and neurologically spent. Eating a small snack in the afternoon that balances protein, healthy fats and superfoods not only fuels your afternoon, it also helps you avoid a sugar crash in the evening.


giveS you clarity and focus

Many entrepreneurs, artists, and side-hustlers love Redd bars because they provide them with clean healthy energy. Those extra 3-4 hours in the evenings aren’t wasted on Netflix or TV, they can be invested in building the next big thing.

Most people have the time, they just don’t have the energy or focus to be productive.

After a long day at work people often prioritize relaxation and down time to recuperate from the mental and emotional stress from their day. And we get it, life can be exhausting.


Hustle at Night

The time we have between when the work day ends and when we fall asleep is the white space that allows people to do great things with their personal projects. Whether that’s advancing your career by staying in the office late, or going home and working on your blog or editing photography, Redd bars allow you to use that time between 7pm and 1am to it’s full capacity.