What is a superfood energy bar?

We get asked the same question every day.

“So is it a protein bar, or an energy bar? Maybe it’s a meal replacement bar! What exactly is a Redd bar?”

Superfood Energy Bar vs Protein Bar | Redd Bar

Protein + Energy + Nutrients

Actually – it could be considered all of those by consumer standards. With 10+g of protein from pumpkin seed protein, it has as much (if not more) protein than most other snack bars on the shelves.

With ingredients like yerba mate, maca, goji berries, chia seeds and dark chocolate, Redd bars are a powerful source of natural energy.

And although we don’t recommend replacing meals completely, we consider Redd bars to be a meal bridge that can buy you a few hours of clean and focused energy.


All flavor, no hype

It would be easy to ride the hype of whatever food trend is most popular this week, but we prefer to just let our ingredients and the 11 superfoods we pack into each bar speak for themselves.

We use higher quality ingredients that naturally taste delicious. That way we don’t need to use fillers to make our bars look bigger than they really are, or add sugar and flavors to mask the taste of unnatural ingredients.


All Killer, No Filler

What we don’t put into our bars is just as important as what we do. Many other bars available are inexpensive and as soon as you turn the package over and read the label, you can see why. It’s common practice to use fillers and additives to make cheaper bars. We will never replace our ingredients with a cheaper alternative if it compromises the taste or nutritional value of our bars, ever.


If you haven’t tried a bar yet – you can order them here. Try a box of each flavor and let us know which is your favorite. Also, follow us on Instagram to keep up on our newest product announcements and giveaways.