Healthy Breakfast | Redd Bar | Superfood Energy

Breakfasts That Boost Energy and Wake You Up

Not a morning person? Maybe you’re just not eating the right breakfast. Traditional American breakfast foods can be heavy in calories and lacking in nutrients. Consider replacing your muffin, breakfast sandwich or eggs and bacon with one of these energizing breakfast options. Green Smoothies Green smoothies are an easy way to get tons of fruits and leafy… Read more »

Yerba Mate for Hackers | Superfood Energy Protein Bar

The Superfood with an Unusual Cult Following

Why German Hackers, South American Intellectuals, Rave Bunnies and Redd are all looking to this superfood for energy In Berlin around 2011, a group of young developers sat around the offices of Soundcloud frantically calling beverage suppliers. They were desperate to get their hands on a Yerba Mate based soda that had become the single… Read more »