Ultimate Summer Snack Food Guide


A Peanut Butter Bar that’s “easy to digest great for nibbling on the trail” comes to use from R.e.d.d. a new up and coming brand that’s focusing on Superfood rich snack bars. Each bar is packed with 10g protein, 19 vitamins + minerals and just the right amount of natural caffeine 36mg. The company’s backstory is classic, guy finds himself in college and has ran through his allocated meal plan expenses. Instead of going hungry R.e.d.d. founder Alden Blease started to make his own energy food with nuts and seeds and such. His little concoctions soon become popular in his dorm room as the brand started to plant seeds. And it gets even better, this is what Alden had to say:

“quickly became a budding, dorm room business. It beat selling pot. Anyway, that’s how the predecessor to Redd was born. I called it “Rawgasms” and it literally started out of my backpack (we had to change the name eventually…).”


Read the full article at Mountain Weekly News.

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