What You Might Not Know About Sugar

When we were kids, we all remember hearing that “SUGAR IS BAD FOR YOU!” Parents dangled sweets as rare but naughty treats and otherwise, sugar was avoided whenever possible. Eventually sugar-free desserts and sweets were offered as alternatives, reinforcing the fact that no matter what, sugar is bad.

But as we’ve studied health and nutrition in depth while developing Redd bars, we’ve learned that there’s more to the sugar conversation than avoiding it at all costs.

Here are a few interesting things you should know about sugar:


We need sugar (glucose) to fuel our body.

Sugar is the most bio-available form of energy. We need simple carbohydrates to move and survive. The body converts sugar and other carbohydrates into glucose and uses for energy. We can’t rely on it as our ONLY source of energy – but it shouldn’t be avoided altogether. Sugar is also an important part of the complicated chemical process that our brain needs to properly function.


Refined sugars and natural sugars are not created equal.

While natural sugars are highly valuable as a fuel source for your body, refined sugars can be dangerous. Our body metabolizes natural sugar differently than refined sugar. Because refined sugars break down quickly, it causes insulin and blood sugar levels to jump unpredictably. What you may not realize is that we digest refined sugar quickly, so it never makes us feel full after eating. No matter how many calories you consumed, you’re almost always hungry for more.  On the other hand, foods with natural sugar like fruits are full of fiber, which slows digestion and makes you feel full.


Refined sugars are hidden IN EVERYTHING

Unhealthy refined sugars are used as a cheap filler in many foods. Even foods that aren’t sweet. Even foods like pasta sauce, salad dressing and yogurt are often full of processed sugars. But you don’t have to compromise health for flavor. Many foods with natural sugars or no sugar also offer big flavor. Sweet potatoes, carrots, beets, berries, and other fruits are a great way to curb your sugar craving without compromising your health.


We created Redd as a meal bridge that gives you natural energy from superfoods without the sugar crash. With less much natural sugar as an apple, any sugar in Redd bars is natural and is primarily found in the superfood berries and a small amount of agave syrup.