Vegan-Friendly Fall Activities

Salted Caramel vegan energy bar amongst apples

Is fall not the most ‘gram-worthy season? If brilliant colors and crisp air don’t make you want to hit pause on the hustle and head outside, we probably wouldn’t be friends. There’s no better time to enjoy our natural bounty, with fewer of the inconveniences that keep us inside (no bug bites! No burns! No hypothermia!).


Autumn is also especially good for vegan friendly activities. Gone are the days of summer barbecues, and winter roasts have yet to come. Here’s a few Redd HQ-approved ideas to help you get the most out of the best months of the year.



If you’re reading this in the first place, there’s a good chance you care about the food that goes into your body and where it comes from. (After all, you wouldn’t be part of the Redd community if you didn’t.) There’s no easier way to make an impact on your local food system than by gleaning, the process of recovering leftovers from the harvest to reduce food waste.


Check out the National Gleaning Project for a database of gleaning organizations in your area, and get to work. You’ll be helping your community, mitigating a prominent food waste issue, and all of the food you’ll be getting will fit into your vegan lifestyle.

Vegan friendly activity -- playing in the autumn leaves
Leaf Peeping

At the risk of sounding like an AARP Magazine, there’s no better way to enjoy fall foliage than by car. While it’s true that this particular activity tends to attract the same average age group as a 4:30 PM dinner rush, leaf peeping is one of those classics that has lasted for a reason. In the age of constant busyness, the thrill of driving with no purpose except enjoyment can’t be overstated. Cue up a playlist, bring a snack, call it something hip like a “foliage curation excursion,” and hit the road.


Visit a Fall Fair

Arguably the best part of Autumn is the endless stream of harvest festivals and fairs that pop up in the countryside. If you think you’re the wrong age to enjoy a fair, it’s time to check yourself: can you really age out of watching people wrestle farm animals? That’s what we thought.


Fairs and festivals are so much more than rides and fried dough; they’re celebrations of local communities and the culmination of a season’s hard work. It’s hard not to get behind causes like that. Plus, some of our favorite vegan cupboard staples have come from fairs.


Hopefully, these ideas have sparked a sense of fall adventure in you, and now you’re headed out the door. Make sure you bring your favorite vegan energy bar to stay fueled along the way, and tag us in your best ‘grams with #ReddBar.