A Meditation on How to Live With Purpose

Matt Millemann knows how to live with purpose. It includes always having a surfboard in hand." There are so many small questions in our daily lives that we tend to forget about the big ones. We have answers to whether we want hot or iced, whether our calendar is free, whether the report is written or the project is completed. We wonder what we’ll make for dinner, whether we remembered to schedule that appointment. But how often do we take time to think about the big questions, the ones with much harder answers?

One of those questions is how to live with purpose. Why we’re doing what we’re doing, and for what goal, often goes unanswered as we contend with the constant barrage of life’s daily pings and emergencies. But here at Redd, we’re a bit obsessed with the question. Why make a maximalist energy bar in a minimalist-obsessed world? Because purpose.

Every single ingredient in a Redd bar is a necessary part of our goal: to fuel your body with positive energy. Whether it’s exotic superfoods like maca and chia, or powerful plant-based protein, everything we put in Redd is there because you need it. There’s no filler, no extras, no meaningless calories or additives.

We like to take time whenever we can to stop and wonder about how to live with purpose. Does everything we’re doing suit our goals, personally and professionally? Is there anything extra or unnecessary that could be reduced in order to streamline our busy lives? Living with purpose always pays off, whether that purpose is to take over the world or just to be the best version of yourself you can be. At Redd HQ, our purpose is to fuel your purpose.