R.E.D.D. is Minimalist Baker’s #1 Plant-Based Protein Bar

Here at R.E.D.D. HQ, we eat a lot of bars. We love trying new products on the market and keeping up with the latest trends. We’ve had just about everything out there – good, bad, and ugly.

But ultimately, we always come back to R.E.D.D. Because, not to brag, but we’re the best bar we know! If you’ve got it, whether it’s style, taste, or plant protein, you should flaunt it.

So when Minimalist Baker reviewed us as the #1 Plant-Based Protein Bar this past weekend, we were totally delighted – but not surprised! We know that hard work pays off, and we’ve been hard at work on R.E.D.D. for, well, years.

Minimalist Baker did a thorough review of the plant-based protein bar landscape, evaluating bars for taste, texture, macros, and more. And out of dozens reviewed, our Peanut Butter came out on top!

So if you’ve been debating which flavor to try next, or you’re ready to take the plunge into feeling good and looking great, don’t lose another minute. Try Minimalist Baker’s #1 Plant-Based Protein Bar and get in on this radiant energy lifestyle.

We’ve even got a code for Minimalist Baker fans: use code MBFANS for a 20% discount on your next R.E.D.D.!*

*Offer valid for single use – one per customer, on retail orders only