Success Doesn’t Happen Solo

Everyone knows that success doesn’t happen solo. Even when Serena Williams is by herself on the court racking up Grand Slams, she has a team of incredible supporters who make her achievements possible. Here at Redd, we owe an equal amount of gratitude to our squad. To everyone who has ever picked up a bar to fuel their hustle, or begged their local coffee shop to carry their favorite flavor, or repped Redd gear on the slopes: we love you, and we thank you.

It’s been a wild 2017, and 2018 doesn’t show any signs of slowing. We know the same is true for you, so we want to make sure your nutrition is covered. You have enough calendar appointments, notifications, and news that need your time. So make your wellness automatic with a fresh box (or two) of Redd to your doorstep each month. No placing orders, no grocery lists, no running out, plus 10% savings in your pocket. Ship it to your house, send it to the office, or put the whole box in your purse. We don’t judge.

We’ve got all of your favorite flavors available for subscription, so you can enjoy the indulgently healthy taste of Redd bars each month. Each bar is your protein fix, your multivitamin, your superfood shot, and your power boost. And with a subscription, it’s one more thing you can take off your mind. 

While you’re at it, you’re going to want to enter our best giveaway yet. Head back to the gym with a free Redd hoodie and an 8-bar variety pack. Between December 29th and January 1st, follow us on Instagram and check out the photo featuring a Redd hoodie for full contest rules. The best things in life are free, and the second best things in life are the ones you win on the internet.