Under The Radar Fall Fitness Finds

Under The Radar Fall Fitness Finds

The transition to fall means less outdoor activities and more of the studio classes we know and love. With most classes taking place from the comfort of our own homes this year instead of in the studio, many of our favorite programs and instructors are now accessible from anywhere! We put together a list of our three favorite up and coming fitness classes that will keep your mind and body strong this fall. As an added bonus, they're all offering special deals for the R.E.D.D. community!  



Hand-selecting the best aspects from their CrossFit, triathlon and marathon training backgrounds, the Rowgatta team developed a high-intensity, low-impact training (HILIT) concept that maximizes strength and endurance gains with minimal impact on your joints.  Rowgatta On-Demand is a digital platform that features HILIT workouts for wherever you are, whenever you want, and with whatever equipment you have.  Workouts include classic Rowgatta formats with a rower and weights, along with many others that require only weights or solely bodyweight, so there is something for everyone!

Want to test the classes out before committing? Take advantage of Rowgatta's generous 7-day free trial. Confident that Rowgatta is for you? The promo code "REDDMONTH" is good for 50% off the subscription price for 1 month ($9.99 instead of $19.99). 


Strength City 

The #fitcouple founders of Strength City discovered their love for fitness when they were on the International Tour of West Side Story. They quickly learned that in order to improve their athletic performance and stay injury free, they needed to cross-train. Their dance background gives them a unique understanding of how the body moves and how to help yours move better. 


Join them virtually on Zoom Monday-Friday in a variety of class styles and formats, including strength focused classes (Power Play) where equipment is recommended, as well as bodyweight only HIIT-style classes (Bootcamp or Bust / Hard HIITer). You can also get your socially-distanced sweat on with them in real life at their Long Island City outdoor classes that run every day except Fridays! 


No matter where you choose to move with them, they promise to bring you a thoughtful, fun, and personalized standard of training that will help you become your strongest, most badass self. To check out their Intro Specials and schedule AND to find out more about their monthly 'Fit and Philanthropic' Events, check out their website or visit the link in their Instagram bio


Use code #REDDFAM for 15% Off of their Unlimited Monthly Virtual Subscription and/or 5 and 10 Class Packages for Outdoor Bootcamp.


Texas born, Missouri raised and NYC living, Matt Cárdenas’ fitness journey began as an educator with Lululemon which opened his eyes to the world of fitness as a career! After touring the country as an actor, he dove head first into the industry by working the front desk of brands such as SoulCycle and Rumble Boxing before eventually becoming an instructor for various studios in New York City where he now finds himself as an Instructor and the Director of Training for RYDE Cycling!


With scouting new instructors as a main part of his job, it became obvious that diversity within the fitness community was a problem and as a proud Latino and Mexican-American himself, he wasn’t going to just sit back! With that, FUEGO Fitness was born, his new brand that focuses on furthering diversity within the industry by featuring Latinx instructors and offering HIIT classes, often accompanied by Latinx music! It is his goal that the instructors on a studio’s roster reflect the diversity of the world in which we live so that everyone can feel they belong!


As of now, FUEGO classes take place via Zoom every Friday at 1PM. The class is approximately 40 minutes long and composed of various full body HIIT circuits. Click here to book a class and use promo code MATTREDD for your first class FREE!


We hope you love these fitness classes as much as we do! Let us know what you think or tell us your favorite fall fitness option in the comments below. 


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