You Can't Sit With Us: Processed Soy

This blog post is one in a four-part series on our ingredient philosophy. We’ve made a conscious choice not to include some ingredients in Redd bars, and while it may seem silly to talk about something that isn’t there, our lack of harmful ingredients is an important part of our commitment to you. Stay tuned for the rest of the series, and let us know what you think by using the hashtag #allkillernofiller.

Much of how you treat your body includes what you don’t do and what you don’t put in it. On a basic level, this is exciting: you get to give yourself a little more credit for all the unhealthy things you aren’t doing. We’re here for that! Diving deeper, it’s also an opportunity to examine what you’re putting in your body that might not serve you anymore.

One of these ingredients is truly ubiquitous, but potentially quite harmful: processed soy. We’ve been soy-free from our inception, because research shows that it may be more harmful than helpful. Nearly 93% of commercial soy is genetically modified, and as you’ll read in later posts, we’re GMO-free, people!

We’ve got standards, and they’re hard to meet. Soy, while a useful source of protein in some cultures, has been the subject of a nutritional debate for decades. We like risk takers, but processed soy is a risk that simply isn’t worth taking. It’s highly allergenic. It’s also been linked to various types of cancers, infertility, and myriad health problems – not a great rap sheet.

Instead of soy-based protein or fillers, we focus on clean, highly digestible and plant-based protein</strong> from pumpkin seeds. It’s a healthier – and yummier – alternative. Pumpkin seed protein is full of iron and magnesium, non-allergenic, and pairs perfectly with the other delicious nuts and superfoods in each Redd flavor.

 There’s a reason you don’t skydive without a parachute, smoke cigarettes, or text your ex. It’s the same reason we don’t include processed soy and the other bad guys featured in this series: because being healthy is also about what you aren’t doing.