The team at REDD HQ in Maine is proud to introduce and unveil our new rolling research laboratory, all-around exploration device and shiny new plaything, Gloria: a rehabbed, modified and altogether tricked up 1994 Stewart & Stevenson Light Medium Tactical Vehicle that once served as the mobile command center for the Army’s 79th OD.

Unlike typical promo vehicles, Gloria will become the functional nerve center for all things innovation and inspiration-related at Redd—exploring and slurping up everything from new product ideas and recipes to photography, travel writing and celebrity interviews—all from out in the middle of nowhere, which is precisely where Redd founder Alden Blease finds inspiration.

This M1079 military truck is also the ideal adventure base for team fitness experiments and events, providing the perfect testing and proving ground for Redd’s superfood ingredients, and a great way to visit Redd’s store partners and boost crowd energy at events from Maine to California.




Gloria is a M1079 all-terrain military truck that features glowing LumiLor electroluminescent paint—a new paint technology that produces a single-color light visible from great distances—all along its edges, under the frame and on the logos and artwork. All of Gloria’s LumiLor-illuminated surfaces can be easily controlled from the cab to sync with music and/or strobing. With, 271,000 lumens of light, Gloria is brighter than a year’s worth of TED talks.

Gloria is the ultimate alternative for road-tripping, featuring an 8×12 cabin space in the back that is multi-purpose, minimal and outfitted with Wi-Fi and fold-up furniture for lab work and even has sleeping space for two with plenty of room to spare for Redd bars and small get-togethers.

To conserve resources, the Redd Rolling Research Lab runs on biodiesel and has been further modified to travel more efficiently on highways. Gloria’s virgin roadtrip will see her leave Redd’s HQ in Maine and make her way to California, along the way boldly seeking adventure from America’s heartland throughout the Rockies and all over the West coast.

Here’s to the open road.



Check out the quick Gloria preview video over on the Redd Vimeo.