Here's How it Happened

My college meal plan wasn’t cutting it. I burned through it in the first few weeks of the semester. After that, finding good alternatives was tough. I could’ve probably gotten by on chips but, to me, food is really important. It affects you, mentally and physically. Eat crap, feel like crap. Eventually, I found my way to a local health food store.

Broke Not Broken

I didn’t have much time or money so I wasn’t looking for anything fancy. I hit the bulk foods section and mixed a bunch of inexpensive, nutritionally dense ingredients into a big bag. The concoction — and trust me, it really was a concoction — not only sustained me, it gave me a serious and sustained energy boost.

A Backpack Business

I started carrying my new energy “bar-ish” thing to classes. Much curiosity ensued which quickly became a budding, dorm room business. It beat selling pot. Anyway, that’s how the predecessor to Redd was born. I called it “Rawgasms” and it literally started out of my backpack (we had to change the name eventually…). At first, my goal was just to offer my fellow broke students a healthy, affordable alternative to whatever junk food they were eating to supplement the school meal plan. But then, you know…

Hello, Redd

After two years of seriously grassroots success and a ton of feedback, I hooked up with designer and health food enthusiast Reed Allen. Together, we re-branded, refined, re-designed, etc, etc… I doubled down on my initial commitment to the highest quality, all natural ingredients and, in June of 2014, we released our first product: Chocolate Brownie by Redd. The rest, as they say, is history.

Founder & Dreamer In Residence