Phil’s Food Reviews

4/25/2018 – “Clearly one of the best energy bars I’ve tasted. Peanuts are the first ingredient followed by oats and quinoa and a ton of other great ingredients. Don’t let the “salted caramel” fool you. This is not a sweet bar, it is a delightful savory bar. As the label says – all killer, no… Read more »

Jasmine and Chris of Sweet Simple Vegan

Plant-based Foodie Vegans Share What They Eat In A Day

Hi everyone! We are Jasmine and Chris, the team behind Sweet Simple Vegan. Sweet Simple Vegan is not only a food centered recipe website for those interested in healthy eating, but it is also a lifestyle brand encompassing all resources for those interested in making an impactful lifestyle change and living a more conscious life,… Read more »

Chocolate Redd Bar and Roses

Food That Loves You Back

Food is love You don’t have to be a massively jaded cynic to feel overloaded by all the Valentine’s-themed, lovey-dovey content floating around right about now. And hey, don’t get us wrong: relationships are great. Love rules. So if you’re in one, by all means, do take this opportunity to celebrate that lovely and precious… Read more »