Interested in becoming a Redd Brand Ambassador? Come help us Spread the Redd!


Reddheads are our version of brand ambassadors and are a true extension of the Redd brand. Reddheads seek out opportunities to spread the good word about the importance of fueling your body with high quality food and are eager to introduce Redd to their networks. They:

  • Place a high value on health and wellness and are unwilling to compromise on what they put into their bodies
  • Inspire those around them to make positive lifestyle choices through the food they consume and contribute to making the world a healthier and happier place through their devotion to clean eating
  • Are connectors; love to socialize; are out-and-about at local events; are plugged in and love to share experiences with the world via their favorite device
  • Believe Redd is a lifestyle and not just an incredible superfood energy bar

More details on the program will be provided once the Ambassador application is approved.

Thank you!


Ambassador Application