Top 10 trends at the 2018 San Francisco Fancy Food Show

By: JESSICA YADEGARAN Imagine 220,000 square feet devoted to specialty food items, and you get to sample them all. That was our challenge this weekend at the annual Winter Fancy Food Show in San Francisco, where more than 1,400 gourmet food purveyors from around the world brought their cheeses, oils, chocolates, sauces, crackers, ice creams,… Read more »

DIRIGO STORIES: Maine-born energy bar brand expands

  BRUNSWICK (WGME) — A young entrepreneur is marking a big milestone. He turned a backpack business into a coast-to-coast operation. Redd, an energy bar created by Alden Blease, of Bowdoinham, is now being sold in 1,000 stores across the country. “Here we are definitely a scrappy group,” Blease said. “We find ways to innovate… Read more »

25 Men’s Fitness-approved snacks for fitness freaks and health fanatics

Well, we are truly honored. Chocolate Redd was just featured in Men’s Fitness as the best tasting protein bar Senior Editor, Nina Combs has ever had. Check it out!   Our favorite savory, sweet, and salty go-tos to satisfy pre- and post-workout hunger, office munchies, and serious cravings. by Brittany Smith February 24, 2017 8.00pm  … Read more »

Alden Blease Featured on Eating Wisely Podcast

We love talking about clean food and healthy food development. Our founder, Alden Blease, is obsessed with finding the healthiest, most nutrient dense foods in the world. In a recent interview with Leland Stillman on the podcast Eating Wisely Alden discusses what goes into making a vegan and gluten-free energy bar that ups the ante for a… Read more »

Featured in Organic Spa Magazine: A Better Snack

We are so excited to be featured by Organic Spa Magazine as a part of their Better Snack Drawer rundown. Alongside other organic, gluten-free and vegan snacks, writer Myron Mariano was looking for easy to carry snacks that “Make resisting the temptation of the office vending machine a lot easier with these wholesome, organic snacks.”… Read more »

Get Ready with Redd Bars

Vegetarian Gazette • 9/20/16 You savage! How could you tear that lovely package to pieces? that exquisitely designed wrapper houses a bona fide R.e.d.d. Superfood Energy Bar. You wouldn’t know that it’s good for you.  The packaging is so sybaritic. Ingredients,  according to R.e.d.d., are “11 superfoods (including chia, acai, goji berry, mangosteen, maca, yerba maté and… Read more »

R.e.d.d. Raises $1 Million for Its Multifunctional Bar

May. 17, 2016 at 5:13 PM by Carol Ortenberg     What do you get when you combine an energy shot, a multivitamin and a protein bar? No, not the diet of a college student during finals, but rather the newly relaunched R.e.d.d bar. The Portland, Maine-based brand announced today it had added two flavors… Read more »

R.e.d.d. Available Nationwide, Secures $1 Million in Funding

  R.E.D.D. SUPERFOOD ENERGY BARS NOW AVAILABLE NATIONWIDE SECURES $1 MILLION IN FUNDING TO ACCELERATE PRODUCT INNOVATION & DISTRIBUTION   Fuel the life you want with R.e.d.d. Superfood Energy Bars: Packed with 9+ grams of Protein, 11 Superfoods, 23 Vitamins and Minerals and 35 milligrams of Caffeine   Portland, Maine – May 17, 2016 – R.e.d.d., the… Read more »

newhope from supply to shelf 360

Unboxed: 9 Products Packed with Plant Protein

New Hope 360 • 7/6/2015 (Excerpt) By Jenna Blumenfield I know, another bar. But R.e.d.d.’s new chocolate-flavored bar contains an impressive blend of high-nutrient foods like quinoa, chia, oats and superfood powders including acai, acerola, blackberry, mangosteen and even the Brazilian fruit jabuticaba. Each 250-calorie bar delivers 10 grams of protein derived from yellow peas.… Read more »