harney and sons holiday tea

Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide

Holiday shopping can be stressful, crowded, and sweaty. Not exactly in the spirit of the season, is it? This year, give yourself the gift of easy shopping with delicious treats that you can buy from your couch. We’ve been making a list of our favorite products that’ll up your stocking stuffer game, and we love… Read more »

Dairy Free Pumpkin Cheesecake

Dairy Free Pumpkin Cheesecake

It’s the time of year to indulge. Every day there seems to be a holiday party, a special cocktail you’ve just got to try, or a fresh batch of cookies at a relative’s house. How can anyone expect us to contain ourselves? Luckily, there are sneaky ways to replicate our favorite holiday snacks that are… Read more »

Mint Chocolate Chip Oats by Haley Mossmer

Mint Chocolate Chip Oats

Up-and-coming foodie blogger Haley Mossmer combined our fan favorite mint chocolate bar with oats for a breakfast treat that’s indulgent, filling, and extra good for you.   Haley says, “MINT CHOCOLATE CHIP OATS??🍫 Is this real life?! yes i’m questioning whether I passed out and someone swapped out my bowl for the real thing cuz… Read more »

green smoothie bowl

Balanced Green Smoothie Bowl

Been going a little too wild with fall flavors this season? We’ve been there. Treat your PSLs like your PTO and use in moderation. Luckily, every day is a new start and a chance to give your body some love. Center yourself with this delicious and nutrient-packed #reddcipe from our friend @thekure_! We love using… Read more »

Lee Hansche Gets Style Points While Climbing Bulletproof. Photographer: Devon Hastings.

Climbing Bulletproof: A Journal

We’re always psyched to see the adventures that Reddheads get up to, whether in the great outdoors or the concrete jungle. Good nutrition is key for any kind of hustle, and we love to hear about how Redd is fueling your climb. This month, we received a dispatch comes from Lee, a Reddhead on an… Read more »

Phil’s Food Reviews

4/25/2018 – “Clearly one of the best energy bars I’ve tasted. Peanuts are the first ingredient followed by oats and quinoa and a ton of other great ingredients. Don’t let the “salted caramel” fool you. This is not a sweet bar, it is a delightful savory bar. As the label says – all killer, no… Read more »