Take a Page from Our Redd-cipe Book

getting creative

When you eat as many Redd bars as we do, the need to switch it up once in a while is very real. Luckily, creativity is something we encourage at Redd HQ. We’ve tried every combination under the sun so that you don’t have to. Here are a few of the favorites:

The Half n’ Half:
Open two Redd bars of your choice. Break them each in half (the long way). Take the two halves and smush them together like you’re some kind of Dr. Frankenstein creating a delicious hybrid treat (best combos: Oatmeal and PB/Chocolate and PB). Grab a variety pack so you can play!

The Spread:
We know that you’re on the go and that’s the reason you picked Redd Bar in the first place. But if have a minute, trying topping your Redd with a little extra delicious on top. We’re preferential to almond butter, but always open to suggestions. Best combos: Nut Butter on Chocolate, Jam on Oatmeal, Nutella on PB.

The Bowl:
If you’re a breakfast wizard like our friend Valerie, try Redd in your next chia bowl! The pieces break up perfectly and look extremely Instagram-worthy next to a bunch of other healthy, nourishing ingredients. Just remember to take the photo *before* you eat it – that gets us every time.


freedom of choice

If none of these Redd-cipes appeals to you, try something else! We love hearing about new and daring flavor combinations. Of course, Redd is great by itself, but life is better with friends. If you come up with something amazing (or even if you don’t), let us know @reddbar!